7 Types of Carbide Woodturning Cutters

Carbide woodturning cutters have become increasingly popular among woodturners due to their durability and ease of use. These cutters feature replaceable carbide inserts that provide excellent cutting performance and longevity. Here are some common types of carbide woodturning cutters:

1. Round cutters :

Round carbide cutters have a circular shape and are commonly used for general woodturning operations. They are versatile and can be used for both roughing and finishing cuts. The round shape allows for smooth cuts and is ideal for shaping bowls, spindles, and other curved profiles.

Woodturning Negative Rake Carbide Insert Cutter 16x3.0mm Round Shape For EWT Finshers

2. Square Cutters :

Square carbide cutters have a square-shaped cutting edge. They are primarily used for making square shoulders, creating flat surfaces, and forming straight edges. Square cutters are useful for shaping boxes, platters, and other projects that require precise corners and edges.

3. Detail Point Cutters:

Detail point carbide cutters have a pointed tip that allows for intricate and detailed work. They are suitable for making fine cuts, adding texture, and creating delicate features on woodturning projects. Detail point cutters are commonly used for decorating pens, ornaments, and small decorative items.

4. Diamond Cutters:

Diamond-shaped carbide cutters feature a rhombus or diamond-shaped cutting edge. These cutters excel at making shear cuts and producing clean finishes on both end grain and face grain. Diamond cutters are often used for refining the shape of bowls, hollow forms, and vases.

Woodturning Diamond Carbide Insert Cutter 28 X 10 X 2.5mm-R0.8 For EWT Detailers

5. Radius Cutters:

Radius carbide cutters have a curved cutting edge with a specific radius. They are designed for producing smooth curves and blending transitions between different profiles. Radius cutters are commonly used for shaping coves, beads, and other curved details on woodturning projects.

6. Parting Cutters:

Parting carbide cutters have a narrow and straight cutting edge. They are primarily used for parting-off or separating the workpiece from the lathe after completing a project. Parting cutters are also useful for creating grooves, tenons, and other precise cuts.

7. Scraper Cutters:

Scraper carbide cutters have a rectangular shape with a flat or slightly curved cutting edge. They are used for removing material quickly and efficiently, especially during roughing operations. Scraper cutters are commonly employed to shape large bowls, platters, and other projects requiring rapid material removal.

It's important to note that the availability of these carbide cutters may vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific brand of carbide tools you are using. Some manufacturers may offer additional specialized cutters designed for specific applications or unique woodturning techniques.

When selecting carbide woodturning cutters, consider the type of projects you frequently work on and choose the cutters that best suit your needs. Additionally, ensure that the carbide inserts are properly secured and aligned in the tool holder to maintain optimal cutting performance.



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